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Harmonising Business & Technology

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Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay

- Sallust

We always strive to surpass client's expectations, helping to translate their business ideas effectively into technology solutions, processes & functions that empower and support the business.

What we do

Ki-Technology Consultants Ltd provides expert advice on business aligned technology solutions and services. We have expansive experience in dealing with a range of businesses and organisations, from SME through to global enterprises across a myriad of industry sectors. Ki-Technology Consultants Ltd can ensure that your technology based decisions are fully integrated with your business aims and objectives, enabling the technology you use to fully support and enhance your business.


  • Project Management
  • Service Support & Delivery Management
  • ITIL Best Practices
  • Technology Management
  • Interim Appointments
  • Technology Review & Analysis
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Cost Reduction
  • Technology Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Cloud & Virtualisation Strategies

Our philosophy

Whether you are thinking of using Ki-Technology Consultants for a short term consultancy project or a long term interim appointment, we know that using us will be the best decision your business ever makes. With our unique ‘Harmonisation’ approach we always ensure that technology solutions and best practices fit your business goals and objectives, never losing site that technology is there to enable your business. Our focus is to empower you through use of the correct technology in the correct way, that’s not to say that we aren’t innovative and cutting edge, quite the opposite.